Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Prayer Times - Islamic Prayer Timing App

Are you looking for Prayer Times app? Get full information on azan, direction compass, moscheen and read Kuran in mobile.

In the world Prayer times are standard and essentials for Muslims, particularly the fard prayer times. on the condition of the geography and Sun they depend. 
Fajr: It starts at subh saadiq -- morning twilight or true dawn, when the morning light comes into view across the full width of the sky & gets end at sunrise.

Dhuhr: This prayer starts after the sun passes its zenith & before Asr, lasts almost 20 min (approximately). from Mosque, after the Azan has been announced It's better to speak the salah in between 2 hours.

Asr:  It starts when as the object itself, the shadow of an object is the similar length (or, as per to Hanafi fiqh, double its length) additionally the shadow length at Dhuhr, and stays till sunset. Asr can become apart into two sections; the favored time is before the sun begins to turn orange, while the time of essential is when the sun gets orange until sunset.

Maghrib: when the sun sets the Maghrib prayer begins, and lasts till sky in the west, the red light has left.

Isha'a: This prayer starts when from the western sky, the red light is gone, and lasts in anticipation of the rise of the "white light" in the east. halfway between sunset and sunrise is the preferred time for Isha'a.
  • Accurate timing international or local time zone like GMT, UTC etc.
  • Qibla direction compass.
  • Azan prays time - call to prayer.
  • Find nearby mosques - nearest masjid location.
  • Best Azan guide (دليل أذان) in your jawal.
  • Without human intervention notify on sholat صلاة Namaz time.
  • View Quran full offline in Pdf.
  • Best use in weekly daily & festivals such as Ramadan, Eid in mosque prayer times.
  • Show the Fajr, Sun Rise, Jumaah, Zuhr, Asr(Hanafi), Maghrib and Isha(Hanafi).
  • Tiempos oración ( timetable for prayer).

Get everything in this amazing  Islamic Prayer Times app – Prayer Times.

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