Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pdf Maker - Create PDF Files Easily And Quickly

Pdf Maker turns your mobile into a PDF Creator. It is very simple and easy to use, from rich text or from images you can quickly create pdf files.

Create:  This app supports all image types such as jpg, png etc, you can browse any image of your device or if you wish to capture, it gives you the facility to capture the image by camera. It also allows you to copy text from anywhere on your device and easily paste it. If you wish to reduce image size file, you can do through its compress option. Creating a pdf file is not enough there must be some important options such as Author, File Title, Keywords, Subject, Etc, all features you will find in this outstanding app.  You can add Metadata as well. Quickly create a PDF file just in 5 minutes.

Secure your PDFs: Secure your documents against unauthorized access or modifications. Restrict access by setting a password to access, open or modifications of the document.  This app provides security against unauthorized access.

PDF Editor: Modify pages in existing files (move, rotate or delete pages) easily. Rename previously created file and change, and could also change Metadata or security passwords as well.

Share PDFs Easily: Pdf Maker gives authority to share created pdf file through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Bluetooth etc. Create the folder to manage lots of Pdf files, rename the folder and set date as the file name and many more great features. Try once. 

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