Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ways to Stop Your Dog from Barking after Hearing Dog Annoying Sounds

Here are some amazing techniques which will help you to stop your dog from barking and will also help you in training of your dog. 
It is a great thing to play with the dog, to irritate him, to love him and to give him the good treats. While playing after hearing some Dog Annoying Sounds your dog could get too much angry and could start to continue barking in that situation just follow these tips:

Stop To Motivate:

If the dog is getting irritates with some things and continues to bark, in this situation if you give the response, it motivates your dog to bark again. So just do not response. Figure out what things are compelling him to bark and remove them. Don't allow your dog to continue the Barking actions.

Avoid The Barking:
If he doesn't get stop just avoid him - don't touch him, don't look at him, and don’t even talk to him. Your attention just rewards him for being noisy. When he gets to stop, praise him, turn around and reward him with a treat. Carry on it fun by changing the amount of time. At times reward him after 3 seconds, then 10 seconds, then 5 seconds, then 25 seconds, and so on.

Show Thing That Makes Him Bark:
To make him habitual with irritating things just try to train him for the next time. Keep thing at a distance that makes him bark. Make that enough away so that he doesn't bark at what time when he sees it. Move that thing a little closer and give him good food. Then continue to feed good treats. Moves out stimulus from him and stop giving the treat, just to show him that the appearance of that thing leads to good treats. At the same time if he barks at people or to see your friend, then when your friend comes into view, begin feeding dog lots of very yummy treats after stop feeding when your friend disappear from view.  Repeat this process multiple times. Do not to try to progress too quickly it may take some days or weeks to let your dog learn what you exactly want him to do.
Now you knew how to treat your dog after he gets too much irritated. So start to have fun - play with him, feed him, irritate him and calm down his anger easily. Enjoy & have fun.

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