Friday, June 16, 2017

What Your Ringtone Says About Your Personality?

Know what ringtones say about your personality -
The Default Ringtone: Setting default or normal ringtone indicates that you are the kind who likes to play it secure. It means you are very careful about your image; do not want it to be to be interpreted. This kind of people is used to be very careful about their image, also slow, and calm by nature.

Traditional landline type of Ringtone: The people who are old fashioned or traditional by their nature and live the simple life, love to set landline rings having the ringtone on their mobile phones. It indicates that they are even anti-technology and lazy to be bothered with changing the ringtone.

Pop Hits (With Obscene Lyrics): These kinds of ringtones are chosen by an adrenaline rush looking people. These types of people are used to be funky and cool. They live their life on a high-speed track.
Camouflage Ringtone: Tap-dancing, typing, hands clapping, marching and similar to these types sounds are known as camouflage ringtones. Their kind of ringtone having people is creative edge and have a humorous side to their behavior.

Spiritual Chants:
Many people have bhajans or spiritual chants as their ringtones, and it explains they are illogical, cautious of modern trends, and a lot dependent on prayer. They feel this types of ringtones give them courage and lucky for them as well.

Animal Sounds: Animals lovers used to set these types of sounds as their ringtones. You may find these people quite silly and obsessed.

Recorded Voices: People who love to keep recorded voice such as Baby Recorded Voice as their ringtone are found to be family-oriented but they are used to be found as self-obsessed and self-important.

Classical Ringtone: People who love to keep classic ringtones belong to the elite with higher goals.
Soft Music: Generally this kind of people found to be very soft, emotional and romantic by their nature. These kinds of people are often found to be charitable.

Jazz: These types of ringtones having people could be considered as explorers. They are independent and confident, and not scared of being seen as non-conformists.

Customized Ringtone: It indicates the character of a good industrialist because they have given time to make their own unique ringtone. These ringtones indicate the person is very creative who wants to be different.

Silent Or Vibrate: People who keep their mobile phones on vibrate and silent mode, are often to be found extra-cautious in life. They are away from selecting a ringtone because they do not wish to be judged by other people. These types of people are who will tell something only when spoken to, they used to be found the silent and introverted type.
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