Monday, June 12, 2017

Bass Booster App Features

Are you looking for an app that can improve the base output like the volume and sound quality from your Android device? You will be amazed to know there is an app that can provide you improved bass output as well as the volume and amazing sound quality as it has the ability to optimize music enjoying the experience on your phone.
  • Frequency adjustment feature with an amazing equalizer
  • Technology virtualization
  • Reverb (having beta feature)
  • Visualizing the music with waves and bars
  • Bass boosting feature
  • Control media volume
  • Presets - up to five bass level 60HZ, 230HZ, 910HZ, 3.6kHz, 14.0kHz
  • Volume-boosting and control
Bass Booster app takes auto equalization to a different level with the newest in equalization technology to play all your favorite music. Find different level Preset to music as per choice. Enjoy music style - Pop, Dance, Classic, Custom etc. The best part is that this is totally Free!

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